The new Uncreated album "Symbiosis" will be released on 12.11.2021

Uncreated - SymbiosisThe second UNCREATED album will be released on 12.11.2021 and, in addition to the eleven official tracks, also contains two exclusive tracks, all of which are included on this CD edition. On "Symbiosis" Patrik Hansson alias UNCREATED once again presents stirring electropop.

Parralox are back with new album "Travelogue"

Parralox - TravelogueIt is well known that John von Ahlen, mastermind of Parralox, has been a big fan of The Human League for decades. Now he has lived out this love for the sounds of The Human League once again and completely re-recorded the band's second album around Philip Oakey. Imagine it's 1981 and Martin Rushent produced Travelogue. What would that sound like?

electropop.20 will be released in two editions on 17.09.2021

20. electropop20Our "electropop. Series is entering its 20th volume When we started this compilation series with the first volume in 2008, we didn't believe that "electropop." would still be so popular in the electronic scene 13 years later. 

We are proud to announce "electropop.20". This release will be released in two editions, firstly in the single CD edition limited to 100 units and then as the "electropop.20 (Super Deluxe Edition)" limited to 150 units.

electropop.19 will be released in different editions on 28.05.2021

electropop19On 28.05.2021, the new "electropop.19" compilation will be released in a very special "electropop.19 (Super Deluxe Edition)" with four bonus CD-Rs. The four bonus CD-Rs contain an incredible 42 tracks. And on the normal "electropop.19" there are once again, in the usual way, 13 bands that have never before been represented on any official CD in our compilation series. 

Everyone who pre-orders this "electropop.19 (Super Deluxe Fan Edition)" by 25.04.2021 will receive a name entry in the booklet of the official "electropop.19". All information about the tracklisting from 01.04.2021 in our store

New Uncreated EP with 2 singles will be released on 28.05.2021

Uncreated Hand Grenade EP

With "Hand Grenade", Uncreated will release a limited CD EP on 28.04.2021, which contains two singles!

The single "Hand Grenade" is an incredibly energetic song on which Uncreated is supported by none other than Mark Hockings, the singer of Mesh). The track is included in different versions on the CD EP. Among other things, there is also a Mesh remix with "Hand Grenade (Detonate Remix by Richard Silverthorn)". The song was also mixed by Head-Less and is also included in a wonderful "Hand Grenade (Extended Remix)" on the release.

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