New Parralox album "Dubculture" to be released on 02.09.2022

31. Parralox DubcultureParralox are back with a new album. "Dubculture" will be released on 02.09.2022 in different editions and looks back on the 2017 Parralox album "Subculture" in a special way.

The "electropop. series continues with Volume 22

22. electropop22On 27.05.2022 the 22nd edition of our longstanding and successful "electropop." compilation series. Once again, you can look forward to 13 artists that you have never heard on an official "electropop. CD before. So there's a lot of new stuff to discover again.

The Motion Epic album "Dreams" to be released in autumn 2022

the motion epic dreams

The new The Motion Epic album "Dreams" will be released in autumn 2022. Originally, the release of the album was already planned for May. For various reasons, we had to postpone the release date to autumn 2022.

electropop.21 will be released on 25.02.2022

electropop21On 25.02.2022 the new "electropop.20" compilation will be released in a very special "electropop.21 (Super Deluxe Edition)" with four bonus CD-Rs. This edition is again limited to 150 copies!

The four bonus CD-Rs contain no less than 47 tracks. And on the regular "electropop.21", as usual, there are again 13 bands that have never been on an official CD of our compilation series before. 

From 01.01.2022 until 25.01.2022 the new "electropop.21 (Super Deluxe Edition)" with name entry in the CD booklet can be pre-ordered exclusively from our store. All details and the complete track listings can be found in our store from 01.01.2022.

The new Uncreated album "Symbiosis" will be released on 12.11.2021

Uncreated - SymbiosisThe second UNCREATED album will be released on 12.11.2021 and, in addition to the eleven official tracks, also contains two exclusive tracks, all of which are included on this CD edition. On "Symbiosis" Patrik Hansson alias UNCREATED once again presents stirring electropop.

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