UNCREATED - Eternal (Album)
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After the two singles "Evolve" and "Not Your Soldier" the long awaited debut album of UNCREATED is released with "Eternal". UNCREATED is the solo project of Vanguard frontman and singer Patrik Hansson. On "Eternal", the Swede presents famous electro sounds, wonderful melodies and a charismatic singing that turns every single title of the album into a true journey of experience. This album is an absolute must for every electropop fan. 

01. Evolve
02. Not Your Soldier
03. Come To Me (Featuring Mel G√ľntzelsson)
04. Is That What You Want
05. Suffocated
06. The Beauty In Me
07. You Know Nothing
08. In This World
09. Only Human
10. A Greater Plan
11. My Favourite Place


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