Various Artists - electropop.6

01. Bispatial "We Just Got It Wrong (Electropop Mix)"
02. Easily Done "Enlight Me (Extended Version)"
03. Future/Perfect "The Hunter (Mark Rasure Robotham Club Mix)"
04. I Hate This Place "She`s Space Invader (G-Force Mix)"
05. Mooger "Fantasy (Extended Version)"
06. Motus "Sunrise (Extended Edit)"
07. Northern Mars "Shadows (Extended Mix)"
08. Oblique "A Kind Of Electric Current (Parralox Ancient Remix)"
09. Second Version "X-Ray (Extended Version)"
10. Splender Projekt "Darkest Days (Extended Version)"
11. Spreading Point "Turning Point (People Theatre's Curve Mix)"
12. Vanguard "Now That We're Here (Extended Version)"
13. Vile Electrodes "Proximity (Extended Version)"