DIVERSE - electropop.17 (Artikelnummer: CRCD 017)

Am 31.07.2020 erscheint die neue "electropop.17" Compilation. Unter anderen sind dieses Mal Bands wie Beyond Border, Clayfeet, EGOamp, Tycho Brahe oder auch Waiting For Words dabei.

01. Arriega Beats - Change (feat. Manfred Thomaser) (!distain Remix)
02. Beyond Border - Stand (Extended Version)
03. Clayfeet - Evolve (Complete)
04. Darwinmcd feat. Eric C. Powell - Click (Nature Of Wires Remix)
05. Disrupted Being - Devoted (Extended Version)
06. Egoamp - Puppet Of Joy (Extended Electropop Version)
07. Fused feat. Kay Burden - Tear Me To Pieces (Body Language Mix)
08. Pop Smear - 4eva! (Extended Remix)
09. Positronic - Higher Point Of View (Extended Version)
10. Tactile Frequency - Degraded (Extended Version)
11. Ten Thumbs feat. Abbie - Up, Up And Away (Full Length Version)
12. Tycho Brahe - I Believe (Mo Funk Mix)
13. Waiting For Words - Great New World (Extended)

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