OSTRICH - The Ostrich Effect (Digital Edition) (Code: CR OS 01D)

The first official sign of life of Ostrich was in 2009 on the conzoom Records compilation "electropop.2". The Swedish duo delivered with "Sleepy Angels" one of the absolute highlights of the compilation and also made with his extraordinary performances in the context of the then "electropop." Festivals are very intense attention.

In 2011 Ostrich then signed a worldwide contract with conzoom Records. The work on the first album took a long time due to the high quality claim that singer and keyboarder have on themselves.

But "The Ostrich Effect" compensates not only the now very big fan base of the duo across the board. This album will make the hearts of all synthpopfans beat faster. Wonderful harmonies, fantastic and emotionally captivating melodies meet a song that can not be more charismatic and empathetic. It is this mixture that turns every song on "The Ostrich Effect" into a fresh and innovative journey of adventure.

With "The Ostrich Effect" Ostrich delivered the Synthpop album of the year 2012. And just this synthpop pearl is now available again in the "The Ostrich Effect (Digital Edition)" as a digital download.

01. A Need To Believe
02. Lukewarm
03. Lonely Ghost
04. Turn The Tide
05. Es Loco
06. Sleepy Angels
07. I Am Out
08. Gold, Silver & Stones
09. Prepare To Fall
10. Icecold Kisses
11. Firealarm

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