DUAL DENSITY - Soul Ecstasy (Digital Edition) (Code: CR DD 01D)

The Swedish synth pop band Dual Density consisted of Tess Fries, Jonas Asp and Pontus Olsson. The music of Dual Density can be described as a modern synth pop with resounding lyrics. Musically, you can also recognize influences from the 80s, Italo Disco sounds and in some ways also light Eurotechno.
Jonas Asp and Pontus Olsson, who are not only friends but also related to each other as cousins, grew up with the music of bands like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk or Rational Youth and since then have a special liking for such sounds.
Pontus Olsson and Jonas Asp have been working on synthesizers and computer music since childhood.
During the 90s, the two had a project called Vision Factory and produced with this a mixture of trance, techno and synthpop. However, the two never really found a suitable singer or singer at that time. Thus, most of the titles under the project name Vision Factory were instrumental in nature.
Tess Fries is a gifted copywriter with a penchant for the extraordinary and the supernatural and also has a talent for melodies. Your texts are influenced by
their interest in the mysteries of life in connection with things and situations that many do not at first glance at first glance, however obvious they may be.
Dual Density was founded in spring 2008. The young music student Tess Fries had previously heard of Vision Factory, and Pontus Olsson and Jonas Asp had been approached for their musical collaboration with their Vision Factory project. However, this did not materialize due to unfortunate timing.
In the spring of 2008, Tess Fries returned to Vision Factory via MySpace and again asked for cooperation.
Jonas emailed her an instrumental title and Tess went into the studio with producer Niklas Ringström. Within a short time the title "Soul Ecstasy" was completed.
At that time, Jonas and Pontus Tess had never seen one another, so it's fair to say that this kind of gathering was very modern and somehow contemporary for the 21st century.
In the following months, all three were very creative and so each month a new title was completed. Immediately, the trio decided to start a band and call this dual density.
The Swedes then presented the first finished titles on their MySpace page and were very positively impressed by the great response. Within a short time the band gained a lot of friends and a lot of attention through MySpace. The songs have now been played on the MySpace page over 165000 times.
During her playing days, Dual Density played in Sweden with well-known groups such as S.P.O.C.K, Mobile Homes and Elegant Machinery at the legendary KB in Malmö.
The only Dual Density album 'Soul Ecstasy' was released on 04.06.2010 and is finally available again as "Soul Ecstasy (Digital Edition)“.

01. Undress
02. Soul Ecstasy
03. Mistress Sleepqueen
04. Ego Girl
05. Fly The Galaxy
06. No Regrets
07. Where Are You Hiding
08. Play With Me
09. Fake
10. Touch Of Immortality
11. Simplicity
12. Why

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