01. Hotter (Radio Mix)
02. Hotter (Extended Mix)
03. Hotter (Carl Phaser (Radio Mix)
04. Hotter (Carl Phaser Extended Mix)
05. Hotter (Hey! In The Limo! Remix)
06. Hotter (Soft Analog Mix)
07. Don't Talk About Love (Nicolas Reeves Remix)
08. Don't Talk About Love (Extended) (exclusive CD bonus track)
09. Hotter (Nathan Kuzack Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
10. Beautiful World (Talion Law Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
11. Two Hearts (Jon Mono Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
12. How Do You Break A Robot's Heart? (Corrupted) (exclusive CD bonus track)

01. I Am Human
02. I Am Human (Extended)
03. I Am Human (Obscenity Trial Remix)
04. I Am Human (Manendra Remix)
05. I Am Human (Benja Remix)
06. I Am Human (Presso Remix)
07. I Am Human (Talion Law Remix)
08. Beautiful World (Benja Remix Edit) (exclusive CD bonus track)
09. Time (Bren-F Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
10. Time (Manendra Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
11. I Am Human (Giant Shadow Remix) (exclusive CD bonus track)
12. Footsteps (Version) (exclusive CD bonus track)

01. Alaska Highway "Skyline (Extended Mix)"
02. Dezeption "No Sense (Extended)"
03. Dynamikk Roller Duo "Every Other Day (Extended Mix)"
04. Emmon "Secrets & Lies (Extended Version)"
05. Julian Brandt "Looks And Talent (Extended Night Walk Mix)"
06. Low Technicians "Miles Away (Extended Electropop Version)"
07. Marlow "Stars (Extended Purple Edit)"
08. Moonlight Cove – Smile Of Low (Lazzo Club Mix)"
09. Ostrich "Sleepy Angels (Annica´s Libra Bells Melody Remix)"
10. Quelles Paroles "Swoon (Extended Version)"
11. Rubikon "Telephone (Håkan Ludvigson Extended Edit)"
12. Rupesh Cartel "Oh No Oh No! (Extended Version)"
13. The Ultrasonics "Go Electro (Extended Mix)"

01. Bobby "So Many Scars (Dynamikk's Extended Remix)"
02. Eloquent "Carte Blanche (People Theatre's Grande Affaire Extended Mix)"
03. Jacques C "A Moral Life (Extended Emmon Vocal Mix)"
04. Lowe "A 1000 Miles (Extended Version)"
05. Mars TV "Frantic (Extended Version)"
06. Matinee Club "Jane Falls Down (Extended Mix)"
07. Nun "Nemo (Club Edit)"
08. Parralox "Sharper Than A Knife (Electropop Version)"
09. Seize "Craving (Press The Mushroom Mix)"
10. The Garland Cult "All Good Things (PT's Extended Capture Mix)"
11. The Mobile Homes "Close (Extended 44 Mix)"
12. Thermostatic "Tonight (Nostalgia Mix)"
13. Universal Poplab "Don't Believe The Hype (Sceptic Mix)"